Coapt Face-lift
We at West Side Plastic Surgery, Inc. are excited to announce the training of Dr. Vetra Gipson in the use of The Coapt
Systems, Inc. Endotine devices in minimally invasive face lifting approaches. The devices bridge the gap between the
disappointing weekend suture face-lifting techniques and the long recovery needing classic face-lifting techniques.

The Endotine devices are biodegradable products, which are absorbed by the body steadily over time. The devices are
usually absorbed completely within 12 months. This provides extra support to the facial tissues until healing is complete,  
leaving the patient with long-lasting results from minimally invasive face-lifting approaches.
The procedure allows the surgeon to make small incisions to the desired, facial area and then deploy the Endotine devices
to enhance the appropriate features, allowing the patient to benefit from  a durable, yet minimally invasive  approach.

Dr. Gipson is trained to use the Endotine devices for mid-facelifts, brow lifts , and neck lifts.

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