• Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is used to remove areas of fat. It is a very effective tool
    to obtain a better body silhouette. Ideal candidates are patients who exercise and have localized
    areas of fat. Though it may help patients who have generalized obesity, this is not the best use
    of this procedure.

  • There are different kinds of liposuction including standard, ultrasonic, and power assisted. In the
    standard technique small incisions are made to introduce canulas connected to a vacuum suction
    device to remove fat. The ultrasonic uses an ultrasonic device along with a canula to emulsify the
    fat. Power assisted liposuction adds rotary motion to aid in the removal of fat. Your physician will
    discuss which approach may be best for you.

  • Like all surgical procedures there are risks including anesthetic reactions, pneumonia, blood clots,
    infection, bleeding, possible need for a blood transfusion, internal injuries, seromas, hematomas,
    pain, skin numbness, skin necrosis,  wound healing problems, small scars, keloid scarring
    (particularly in people of color), fat necrosis, asymmetries, irregular surface or contours, no
    guarantee of amount removed, swelling, bruising, regaining fat in the area liposuction with
    weight gain and loose skin. Smoking has been found to be harmful during the perioperative
    period and may increase some risks significantly. Therefore, don’t smoke for at least 1-2 months
    before and after your procedure.

  • Liposuction is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Plan to have a family member or a
    friend  help you for a few days.  Most patients need 1-2 weeks of recovery. You can expect
    certain restrictions during the postoperative period including no driving for 1 week, no lifting
    greater than 15 lbs, no strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks,  and wearing a restrictive garment for
    about a month
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