• THERMAGE®, is a noninvasive, no downtime procedure for tightening skin. It was the first of its type
    approved by the FDA for use on the face and neck. It is now used all over the body including on the eyelids,
    arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks for rejuvenation of these areas as well.

  • During the Thermage® procedure, radiofrequency energy, transmitted as heat, is applied to the dermal layer
    of the skin. This causes the collagen in skin to shorten. This causes the skin to tighten and appear more
    youthful. Many patients will see some results very quickly, but it may take  4 – 6 months for the full effects to
    be visible. Results usually last for about 2 years.

  • Thermage® may not be effective for everyone. The ideal candidate is middle aged, has a stable body weight
    and eats a healthy diet, with sufficient protein. Though most patients will need only one treatment to see the
    visible effect, older patients or patients with severely loose skin may need a repeat treatment to get the best

  • Risks occur in less than 1% of patients and may include hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, blisters,
    redness and swelling. Usually the blisters resolve with appropriate treatment and the redness and swelling
    lasts only a few hours to a few days. Ibuprofen or aspirin may interfere with the effectiveness of the
    treatment and may increase bruising. Therefore, do not use for at least one week before and one week after
    you’ve undergone treatment. After the procedure you may wear makeup and should use sun block for a few
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